Sunday, August 30, 2009

The David Duncan House

The David Duncan House, fine dining in an atmosphere of elegance and charm. Address: 125 Moatfield Dr (Don Mills), North York, Ontario, Canada. Phone: 416-391-1424. The fashionable Gothic style reflected the elaborate decor and romanticism of Gothic architecture. The food was simply amazing. The bacon wrapped Filet Mignon was extremely tender and of the highest quality. The Seafood Delight of tiger shrimps, scallops, and halibut was fresh and bouncy. No matter how the staffs are professionally trained, there are cases that the order got messed up. In my case, I got the soup instead of the salad. No big deal. We can't wait to try the prime ribs and the oven baked tiger shrimps next time.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine has lobster E-fu noodles lunch special for $18.99 only! We have had it for a few times already. It's a whole pound lobster. The lobster was bouncy fresh. The E-fu noodles with white sauce was rich and creamy. Address: Unit 30, 9665 Bayview avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4. Phone: 905-884-3388. There was one time it got screwed up that the lobster was overcooked and that the sauce was overfill and too salty. Let's see if it's just one single individual case.

Honey's Beestro

Honey's Beestro - yet another hidden gem in the city. It's a tiny cozy restaurant but the food and services are comparable to many chains. Address: 8763 Bayview Ave. Richmond Hill, ON L4B. Phone: (905) 597-5108. New York steak. The AAA steak was tender. The baked potatoes was so creamy and rich. The grilled tomato was fresh and juicy. Steak sandwich. The steak in the sandwich was a real steak and it's surprisingly tender. I guess Kelsey's has something to learn.