Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jack Astor's

Jack Astor's is quite an interesting restaurant. There are drawing paper tablecloth and crayons on the table. The sport bar has an impressive number of screens. Our favorite dish is the Chicago steak. The side dishes were good including their famous pan-fried mushroom. The caramel cheesecake was special covered with walnut and caramel, but might be a little bit too sweet to some guys. Address: 155 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada. Phone: (905) 771-9191.

Michael Tong at Splendid China Tower

Michael Tong and Miss Chinese Toronto 2007 at Splendid China Tower (錦繡中華). Address: 4675 STEELES AVE. E. TORONTO.ON M1V4S5.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hilton Fallsview

In our last trip to Niagara Falls, we stayed in Marriot Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel which is closest to the Canadian horseshoe. This year, we stayed in Hilton Fallsview Hotel. The hotel overlooks both the US falls and Canadian horseshoe. This looks like a totally different falls to me. As they say, "The only thing that we overlook is the falls."

  • 1 King American fallsview jazzcui room. The room is huge. The in-room jaccuzi fits one person comfortably and two persons romantically. (LP, shall we have one more round?) The love seat by the ceiling-to-floor windows is very thoughtful. What is missing is a DVD player and HDTV, maybe for reviewing the wedding tape? We chose the room selected at check-in option and got the free upgrade. It is not hard to get upgrade in non-peak season.
  • Buffet breakfast in Watermark restaurant. Gold VIPs or above got cook-to-order buffet breakfast for free which is $20 per person in value. The romantic water theme design and decorum complete with two aquariums, wave entrance and soothing sounds. Just the view alone worths the dollar.
  • Casino buffet dinner. With the PAC card (available for free in the casino), it is just $20 per person. The hotel is connected to the casino through a glass walkway. One thing that the buffet restaurant impressed me again and again is the cake gallery. The two of us had 6 pieces of cakes!
Be sure to check out my Travelocity Good Buy Hotels post and select the Top Hotel Deals in Niagara link to browse for the off-season rate.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pixel 8

Pixel 8 lounge is a Japanese noodles place with bubble tea, great service and model decorations. Address: 50 Bur Oak Ave, Unit 08, Markham, Ontario L6C0A2. We ordered the Nagasaki Ramen and Osaka Ramen with complimentary drink and green tea ice-cream from the special combo menu. The noodles tasted great which is comparable to the famous Kenzo, and the portion was huge unlike many other noodles places. The only thing is that the BBQ pork was a bit tough. The ice-cream was a little bit too small too. Come on! Are you afraid of running out? It comes to $20 only for two tax and tips included. Here is a 10% off coupon for Pixel 8 from ccue.

Note: "Not valid on discounted items" which includes the special combo.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Carnival Liberty - Shore Excursions

Carnival Liberty has a wide variety of shore excursions from fun adventures to romantic beach escape. In this trip, we had 3 ports of call: Key West, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. (Be sure to check out my Carnival Liberty accommodation, and cruise deal posts.) Sightseeing at Key West. I am told that there are over 100 points of historically interest in Key West. There are lots of cool museums and restaurants. It's still barely Florida. The weather was awesome, hot and humid. However, it can turn cats and dogs all in a sudden. (LP, don't worry. LG is here!) Wendy's was good enough to fix us a freshly brewed coffee. Stingray sandbar tour at Grand Cayman. A short ride took us to the Northern South to board a boat that we sail to the world's famous Stingray sandbar. A sandbar is a shadow region in the middle of the sea with fine sand. We enjoyed petting and swimming with the stingrays for an hour or two. Climbing the Dunn's falls and Dolphin Cove beach at Jamaica. The Falls is nothing compared to Niagara Falls, but this is how you can climb the falls. After visiting the Dunn's falls, it is a very good idea to relax at the Dolphin Cove beach. (LP, what about a romantic couples massage at the beach?)