Saturday, July 11, 2009

Moxie's Sunday Brunch

That's a beautiful Sunday morning. We had a patio brunch at Moxies. Address: 159 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill. Tel: 905-764-9500. Our favorite is the scallops and crab cake Benedict. That is comparable to the one at the Silks Fine Dining.

Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine

Emperor Fine Chinese Cuisine - a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Richmond Hill. We took the Friday special, deep fried crab claw for $2.88 each, and the "Comparable-with-crab" 賽螃蟹 seafood E-fu noodles for $18.99. That was our top value fine dining of the year! Address: 9019, Bayview Avenue, Thornhill, ON L4B. Phone: (905) 882-9388.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine is our #1 choice for Chinese fine dining in Toronto. Address: Unit 30, 9665 Bayview avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4. Phone: 905-884-3388. The Peking duck was awesome, very crispy! It's fatty but not too fatty. There were not enough wraps though, and there was an extra charge of $5 for additional wraps of 10. The scallops were huge and fresh! The crispy nest was not as tasty as what we had before but it still looked good. The AAA Angus beef was extremely tender. The sauce was teriyaki based. We just have to order those big fat oysters again and again! (LP, Watermelon Baby likes the Peking duck tart :D)