Sunday, December 7, 2008

Favorites at Woodbine Racetrack

That was one of the most satisfying Christmas dinners. The Favorites is located on the 2nd floor of the building overlooking the track. Favorites dining room is open specifically during live racing only. The dinner buffet was $36.5 plus tax. The prime rib, shrimps with spinach cream sauce, and salmon fillet were all very good. The scent of the house red was fantastic, although I like my own house red better. The cakes were gorgeous. (LoPo, do you want to have one more creme caramel?) Address: 555 Rexald Rd, Toronto. Website: Woodbine Entertainment.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

LoneStar Texas Grill

There is a LoneStar at 16th and Yonge. It's one of the most convenient locations but I recommend a makeover ;D The steak fajitas were very good, but we prefer the one I had at Pickle Barrel. The waiter up-sold us those pan-fried mushrooms and it turned out to be ~$5. This is not for the value oriented person.


Can you believe that we are going to Milestones again? This was our Kobe beef night, Kobe beef meatloaf and Kobe beef burgers. (LoPo, Chu Chai Bau is not going to like it.) The popcorn shrimps tasted good too although it's lower grade of shrimps - a flash back to the college cafe!

Mellow Juice House

緣汁味 Mellow Juice at Commerce Gate - Great bubble tea with great value. Address: 505 Hwy 7 East, 89-90, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Phone: 905-731-2189.

Chili Secret

Chili Secret 半畝園 - good dim sum, good decor, and good value, but the services is sub-par. That was quite a good extended family lunch though. (LoPo, hope you liked it ;D) Address: 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 9, Richmond Hill. Phone: (905) 764-9119


We went to Milestones again. Ya, again! This is not the conventional crisp Calamari. It is broiled instead of deep fried. Very tender with a little hint of spicy. The Thai style chicken dumb stick reminded me of some Chinese dish, although it's too salty for us. We told the waitress about it and it's fixed real quick! This is kind of waitress who deserves a big tip ;D The 3 cheeses American burger is a classic.

Senbazuru Sushi Bar

Senbazuru Sushi Bar 千鶴壽司店 - yet another Japanese restaurant with Chinese chef. The Bendo boxes were very good. The Kobe beef sushi was impressive, although it 's a bit pricey. It's like $5 a piece. It is ok to have Chinese chefs in a Japanese restaurant, but I prefer the chef not to spit in the sushi bar. (LoPo, I want to give you the best ^_^") Address: 9665 Bayview Ave. Phone: 905-508-0049.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hilton Fallsview Hotel - Thanksgiving 2008

The Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Hotel knows how to thank its gold VIP for being a loyal customer. (LP, let's have our favorite hot dog fallsviews dinner with fine wine followed by in-room movie!) The turn down service was so personal. They had a staff brought us the complimentary bottled water for the gold VIP members. Without the "O", the CASIN is powerless, CASINO I mean. It's good time to go get some cash! Hilton offered us full American breakfast at the Watermark fallsview restaurant with the best possible seat as seen on TV!

Pumpernickels at Niagara Fallsview

What is with this empty spot in the Niagara Fallsview casino food court? It is where Pumpernickels - the deli restaurant that sold us $5.99 for a cold sandwich - used to be. With Tim Hortons, who needs the cold and expensive sandwiches?

Sheraton on the Falls

That is not right! Sheraton invited me to be SPG gold elite through it's partner this year. I had the chance to try that out at Sheraton on the Falls through priceline. However, that was not much success. At check-in, the front desk staff told me that there is no elite benefit given that I book through prepaid 3rd party channel. I called the SPG elite phone line immediately. Nancy told me that there is policy but it's up to the hotel. I always book through 3rd party. Other hotel chain has the same policy. I don't get the points and miles which is reasonable, but I always get upgrade and VIP benefit. That was the smallest gym I had ever been to, but the view was amazing. It is extremely far away from the falls but the angle is the best! The entrance fee is $10 but fee is waived for SPG members. The gym attendant stared at LP's shoes and asked LP not to use the gym without snickers. Since she's so strict to the gym code, how come she left 1.5 hour early before the closing hour? Well...

House warming C & A

That was a lovely time! Congratulations again!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Milestone's free appetizer promotion is coming back. Hurry and get some free Kobe beef burgers!

Doubletree at Niagara Falls

There are not many 4-star hotels on the falls. Doubletree is one of them, but the hotel is the furthest away from the Canadian horseshoe. Hilton Fallsview Hotel is still our number 1 choice! It is quite a good hotel but I don't feel that they value the Gold VIP guests comparing to other Hilton family hotels at the falls. HHonor Gold VIP meaning the guest had stayed in Hilton properties for more than a month in the previous year! We didn't receive any room upgrade. The staff claimed that they were full. Late checkout was not possible neither. Here is all we got:

  • Continental breakfast. The voucher states specifically that it is limited to 2 bakery items. The orange juice was just Tropicana. The coffee is no way taste like Starbuck that they advertised.
  • Two complimentary bottled water. It is not in-room bottled water. The voucher can be redeemed at the tiny small lobby lounge.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Queen's Landing Hotel at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Congratulations! That was one beautiful wedding at Queen's Landing Inn. The wedding ceremony started at the beach of the Queen's Park, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Queen's Landing Inn is a spectacular Georgian-style mansion on the banks of the Niagara River. The hotel restaurant was doing a great job! We loved the wide varieties of seafood hor'derve - creative, beautiful, and delicious.

  • Wild leek and potato soup. Creamy, not too salty with correct portion of basil oil.
  • Salad. I like the poached pears and the sauce.
  • Passion fruit sorbet.
  • Lamb chop and beef tenderloin. It's world class.
  • Pavloa. There was a flash back to my childhood like one of the those food movies!
  • White chocolate cake. Man, it looked gorgeous, but I was full...
  • Coffee and tea. The coffee was smooth and inspiring!