Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blue Mountain - Le Scandinave Spa

We had a weekend getaway at Blue Mountain resort. It is a long 2 hours drive from Toronto to Blue Mountain, but It is much better than wasting the whole day in the planes and airports like many other trips for sure. (Thanks LoPo, with you I don't feel bored at all.) The hotel room was pretty good, spacious and clean. What really impressed us was the outdoor heated jacuzzi pools. There are like 20 restaurants within the resort village, from the interesting Irish pub to your regular Starbucks. The ski season has not begun yet. Nobody was skiing. Just inhale the romantic atmosphere of the quiet ,snow covered blue mountain. The Le Scandinave spa is the main reason for this trip. The spa offers a unique Scandinave baths experience in the heart of nature, nested by the trees and under the blue mountain.