Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine, a premium Chinese fine dining restaurant in North Toronto. It's a cozy restaurant, but the food, decor, and services are comparable to 國金軒- 高級中菜 Grand Chinese Cuisine in Doubletree Toronto. Address: Unit 30, 9665 Bayview avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4. Phone: 905-884-3388.

The golden "Lazy Susan" and red eggs is a symbol of a prosperity and healthy future for the host and the family. (Congratulations, WaterMelonBB!)

The crab claws were deep fried to it's golden perfection, stuffed with fresh crab meat and shrimps. The BBQ baby pig was fatty and crispy. I am not a big fan of shark fin soup personally. Surprisingly, both of the shark fin and the soup totally exceeded my expectation. The sliced abalone was the real dried ones too, not one of those abalone in a can.

The crispy chicken was crispy, tender, and juicy.

The steamed double fishes were extremely fresh. The heart-sharped jelly dessert forms a golden path to a bright beautiful future!