Sunday, May 13, 2007

Travelocity Good Buy Hotels

Hotel room rate varies greatly from day to day. For example, Sheraton Fallsview Hotel charges $205 CAD on Aug 8, 2007 but only $99 CAD on Sept 5, 2007, which is more than 100% of difference! Travelocity allows you to view all the rates in a 90 day calendar. It is very handy for hotel deal hunting. See the following links for the Travelocity's top hotel deals.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hilton Hotel @ Toronto Airport

Have you ever stayed in an airport hotel? There are cases when the weather is not very suitable to drive. There are cases when you need a restful stay at an airport hotel before or after you jet off. Most of us don't have great expectations on airport hotels. Hilton Toronto Airport hotel is one of the reasonably good Toronto hotels in the airport area. The hotel front lobby has a innovative design. The hotel room has very good amenities, although the corridors of the suite floors are a bit old. Try to get a hotel room with airport view. The view is crazily amazing. In constructive criticism point of view, the hotel management needs to work harder in order to meet the Toronto standard:

  • The executive lounge was closed for the holidays. Where do I get my drink!? At least, give me some drinks from room services.
  • Both the pool and jacuzzi were closed for the winter. Actually, I was looking for a hot tub under the patio in the cold weather. Being Hilton Gold VIP, I requested an upgrade to a jacuzzi suite but was rejected. There were jacuzzi suites that were left empty anyways. This is the ground for checking out early.
After all this is a very good Toronto Hotel in the Toronto Airport area. Be sure to check out the Good Buy Hotels - Low Rates GUARANTEED website and choose the room select at check-in option if available.

The Engagement Ring in Spiderman 3

In Spider-Man 3, Peter Parker gives himself up to the power of love and propose to longtime sweetheart Mary Jane Watson. It's been a long time coming. Peter went from secretly loving the red-haired beauty, to sharing a poignant upside down kiss as his alter ego, and is finally committing to making Mary Jane his wife. Believe it or not. Peter Parker got the engagement ring from! "Sony selected to create a diamond engagement ring and wedding band inspired by the love story that has unfolded in the Spider-Man movies." It is just 5 monthly payments of $139, (50% off retail). I can picture some young guys proposing to their girlfriends outside the theater using the exact same ring! Follow this link to learn more about and coupon code.

Improve Your PageRank

There were couples of link exchange requests to Enjoy Toronto recently. The Enjoy Toronto blog is pretty new. I would love to link exchange with anyone with related content especially on Toronto Hotel.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sheraton's Starpicks - Mother's Day 2007

Enjoy 20% off worldwide with last-minute Starpick rates at Sheraton! This Mother's Day weekend has some great W hotel deals. For those who are not familiar with W Hotels. W Hotels is a global lifestyle brand with 21 properties in the most vibrant cities around the world. Each hotel offers a unique mix of innovative design, comfort and cultural influences from fashion to music to art and everything in between.

Follow this link to Enjoy 20% off worldwide with last-minute Starpick rates at Sheraton! and see the complete list. See also the original post about Sheraton's Starpicks 20% off last-minute deal

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Free appetizer from Boston Pizza

Sign up for the Boston Pizza email club and get a free starter coupon from email. Choose from Boston's Pizza Bread with Bolognese Dip, Cactus Cut Potatoes, Panzerotti Roll or Classic Potato Skin. There is not a lot of restriction for the coupon, no minimum purchase. A very nice dinner for two in the sport bar is ~$30 only!

  1. Half liter of Mission Hill red, $13.95.
  2. Classic Potato Skin, $7.99. I like the little hint of spicy. Cactus Cut Potatoes is good too but it is superb spicy!
  3. Cheese steak pizza individual, $10.39. BBQ beef, onion, green pepper and mushrooms. Yummy!

Le Cafe Michi @ 1802 Pharmacy Avenue

Marz is one of my favorite website on restaurant review. After reading Marz's article about Le Cafe Michi, I went to the restaurant to have a try. This is actually a very interesting restaurant. It is a cafe and it is also a Japaneses restaurant. I guess this is what we call fusion. (I also want to thank my gf for being my food adventure partner too ^_^.)
  • The BBQ chicken rice was definitely authentic. We order one ginger based and one onion based. The chicken was pretty good. The rice was sticky and the rice vinegar was of the correct portion.
  • The blueberry cheesecake was reasonably good. But there was no surprise. Since Michi is a Cafe, I was expecting a spectacular cake. Any Kesley's, Boston Pizza, or even Swiss Chalet has better cake then Michi. The Cappuccino mousse cake was bad. The mousse was not soft enough and not quite adhesive to the cake. They need to try harder in order to meet the Toronto standard.
  • The service was crazily slow. We waited more than half an hour before the waitress came over to take our order. Well, I thought they were Japanese...
  • Michi is located in an old little mall in Scarborough, Toronto. I was a little bit alarmed after parking my car at the back and got into "protect-my-gf-mode."

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What if the waitress doesn't honor your coupon?

I post some restaurant coupons from time to time. Just to make it more convenient to my friends. Some of my friends come back and tell me that the restaurant didn't take the coupon. Some individual operators like making up their own rules. Right! What if the waitress doesn't honor the coupon? That does happen! Here is some real examples:

This is Toronto. There are lots of restaurants and tons of choices. Sometimes they need their customers to remind them who their real boss is.

Quiznos requires the customers to present the coupon before order. Here is what I do:
  1. Order the Sub as usual.
  2. Grab a seat and wait.
  3. When the Sub is ready, grab a cookie and present the coupon to the cashier.
  4. If the cashier rejects the coupon (whatever the reason is), just ask them to keep the Sub and walk away slowly.
  5. The owner asked me not to go and accepted the coupon.
As for the Swiss Chalet, here is what I do:
  1. Order everything as usual.
  2. Present the coupon for the free appetizer and dessert.
  3. If the waitress rejects the coupon, request to see the manager.
  4. If still reject, go away and eat next doors. What about Kelsey's who accept coupons without any question?
  5. The manager asked me not to go and gave me something even better than what the coupon offers.

Quiznos Sub Canada Coupon: Free Cookie with Sandwich Purchase


Quiznos Canada

Get a free cookie with the purchase of any 9″, 12″ or flatbread Sandwich at Quiznos Sub Canada. If they ask who “Smart Canucks” is just say it’s you… unless you don’t think that you’re smart ;-)

Click here to print this Free cookie coupon from Quiznos

Expires May 13, 2007

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Swiss Chalet Canada - Free Appetizer & Dessert with entree


A spectacular deal from Swiss Chalet!

Swiss Chalet Canada

Order your entrée ($7.49 and above) and get:

FREE appetizer: Chalet Chicken Soup or Garden Salad


FREE dessert: Apple Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, Lemon Meringue Pie or Pecan Pie