Monday, October 12, 2009

Dozo sushi sake bar

Dozo Sushi and Sake Bar - a very upscale fusion restaurant that serves the best of Japanese cuisine with a contemporary Western influence. Address: 230 Commerce Valley Dr. E. Markham, ON L3T 7Y3. Phone: (647) 724-1662. Romantic cocktail lounge and trendy fusion food, Dozo has raised the bar of Japanese fine dining. Now, we have to struggle between going to Sagano and Dozo.

  • Rock lobster tail, $18. It's deep fried fresh whole lobster tail! The beautiful dish was paired with 3 kinds of sauces, chili, wasabi, and mustard.
  • 6 pcs sushi + 5 pcs sashimi + 4 pcs Dynamite maki, $16.
  • California & mango roll, $10. The mango in the California roll was interesting, although we liked the Dynmite maki better.
  • Green tea, $3.0. The tea was brewed under correct temperature. It has a little hint of bitterness that works best with sashimi. It's just a bit pricey.

Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine

Oysters 蜜燒生蠔 and scallops 金巢琥珀鮮帶子 are our favorite dishes at Yang's Fine Chinese Cuisine 宮廷御宴. Address: Unit 30, 9665 Bayview avenue, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9V4. Phone: 905-884-3388. There was one time that we were given food court grade scallops and oysters, although the cooking was still amazing. I guess consistency is the area of improvement!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mandarin at Boxgrove

My favorite pastime - One day in Boxgrove, Markham.

  • Therapeutic massage at Physical Therapy One. Treatment 90% covered by insurance. $128 - 115.2 = 12.8
  • Dental whitening at Boxgrove Dental Care. Used FREE whitening coupon available in clinic and local flyer with full dental exam and cleaning. Full exam and cleaning 100% covered by insurance. $100 - $100 = 0
  • Chinese buffet dinner at Mandarin. Used FREE local charity coupon. $18.99 + 5 (donation) - $18.99 + 2 (tip) = 7
(LP, do you want some mandarin with me and WatermelonBB?)