Sunday, May 31, 2009


That was a wonderful time at Moxies. Let's do it again in the coming few weeks. Address: 159 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill. Tel: 905-764-9500.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mandarin at Boxgrove

There is a newly open Mandarin at Box Grove (Markham East). The food and services were better than lots of sit down restaurants. For those who are new to the Box Grove neighborhood, be sure to pre-visit the Medical Arts Center in the same plaza for the medical emergency center, dentists, physiotherapists, and etc. Address: 88 Copper Creek Dr (East of 9th Line & Box Grove Bypass and South of Hwy 407). Tel: 905-471-5000. (LP, we should do this more often!) It's Chinese food buffet, but the decor is Japanese. The food was really good. I liked the roast beef and deep fried scallops most. I can still remember once my friend thought deep fried scallops are made of real scallops. LOL! I don't have all soy sauce fry noodles, Shanghai noodles, Sing Chow fry noodles, and fried rice in a plate often :D. That was so satisfying!!! In addition to our favorite creme caramel and mango pudding, they also have a section for the traditional Chinese dessert, which is hard to find anywhere else. Don't forget to try out their lai -chee and green tea swirl ice-cream.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Essence of Unionville

Essence of Unionville is a fine dining restaurant in Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre & Spa. That was a quiet romantic Friday evening. It's like we reserved the whole restaurant. (LP, we could take WatermelonBB there next time ;D) The wine, bread, and biscuit were very good starter. The lamb chops were fatty, juicy, and tasty. The beef tenderloin was really tender.

Cafe Peninsula at FMP

Cafe Peninsula is quite an interesting lunch place. It's a fusion restaurant of Japanese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong style food. To remain competitive in First Markham Place (especially locating right next to FireFly), it needs to restructure it's combo and price though. Address: NW corner of First Markham Place. Tel: 905-604-2679. There's lots of interesting dishes on the menu. I am not paying $2.75+tax for the mediocre milk tea, unless it comes with the combo.