Sunday, July 20, 2008

Queen's grill room

Queen's grill room is a beautiful restaurant, antique tea sets, paintings, complete with romantic lighting. The bread was surprising. It's huge and it's whole wheat. The scallops and shrimps pasta was ultra creamy. It's not as oily as Pickle Barrel but it tastes as good. (LoPo likes the sauce.) The Turf and Surf was delicious. I ordered medium rare. The steak was outstanding. The shrimp is of correct size although there is only one. What can make it better? Glass of wine. They don't have wine list yet. They have all the dessert from Queen's bakery, very reasonable. Address: 328 Highway 7 East, Unit B1/B2, Richmond Hill (Hwy 7 & Bayview) Phone: (905) 370-2131

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pickle Barrel @ Markville Mall

That was a lovely evening. We had dinner at Pickle Barrel, Markville Mall. The restaurant has very nice decor and attentive wait staffs. The fajitas was very good - fresh veggies and hot smoking chicken. It's not as good as what I had in San Antonio but can't complaint. It's totally different atmosphere and setting. We love the lobster and jumbo shrimps pasta the most. We actually had the same pasta in the last 3 visits. The lobster was not quite visible and the shrimps were not exactly jumbo like many restaurants of the same class, but it is absolutely delicious.

Edwards Garden

This Canada Day weekend was not exactly a long weekend, but the weather was simply perfect. We went to Edwards Garden for a little walk after a family lunch. (LoPo loves flowers, flowers, and flowers.) Address: 777 Lawrence Ave E, North York