Monday, February 18, 2008


Moxie's is one of our favorite restaurants. It is a modern restaurant with young waiters and waitresses. Our favorite dishes include New York steak and Philly steak sandwich. Be sure to try out the white chocolate brownie, which is comparable to the chocolate thunder from Outback. There was one time that there was a crazy old woman kept complaining about everything from the camera flash to the food not being served in the order she liked. (LP, if the crazy old woman come bothering us again, I will show her some color.)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

dw pasta and grill - Valentines Day 2008

dW pasta and grill has a great chef. We went there to celebrate Valentine's Day. Candle light, heart-shaped stickers and a long-stem rose for the ladies started a romantic evening. The grilled oyster was really good - fatty and juicy. The lobster bisque really tasted lobster, but it's too salty for us. The salmon mousse looked good. The scallops were fresh but salad sauce was too sour. The rack of lamb chop was amazing. This is comparable to what we had on Carnival Liberty. However, is 4 pieces a rack? Chocolate lovers must love the dessert - rich chocolate cream over-flowing out of the crepe in strawberry sauce. 1118 Finch Ave. W, Unit 2, North York, ON, M3J 3J4. Tel: 416-667.9889.